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    Thatch is the term used in modern landscaping for the organic material buildup between living grass and the soil’s surface. This buildup is composed mainly of the roots and stems of lawn grasses, which tend to break down more slowly than the

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    Oxygen is essential for both the establishment of root systems and above-ground plant growth. The practice of increasing or restoring soil’s oxygen supply is known as aeration. Many homeowners may believe that aeration is only necessary for

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    Tuscan Garden

    In the world of modern landscaping, Tuscany is a region in central Italy known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Lush foliage, olive and citrus trees, and an overarching simplistic aesthetic combine to form unique gardens perfect for relaxatio

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    Swings and Benches

    Landscape ornamentation takes many different forms, from birdbaths that attract local wildlife to beautiful fruit trees in full bloom. DIY landscapers, though they work very hard to make their property a great place to relax, frequently overlook i

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    Southwest Landscaping Design

    Southwest landscaping design features elements of xeriscaping, which is landscaping that is concerned with water conservation and sustainability. The arid climate of the southwest United States has produced water restrictions in many areas, which

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    Securing Property Borders

    There are a number of potential problems homeowners may face in the garden. Many are due to the effects of the elements on garden plants: wind and rain contribute to soil erosion, long dry spells cause dehydration, local insect or animal pests may

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    Rose Garden

    Roses have reached ubiquity during certain holidays (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) and have developed a reputation for being difficult to grow. Thankfully, the many different varieties of roses available for cultivation mean that DIY

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    Mulch / Edging

    In modern landscaping, mulch is a protective layer of organic material that is placed over or around plants. Mulch can be employed for many reasons, but the most common benefits it provides include the prevention of moisture loss, suppression of w

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    Meditation Garden

    So many homeowners never enter into gardening because for them, gardening represents a never-ending series of chores: weeding, watering, fertilizing, pruning, mulching, and more. With the right set-up, however, DIY landscapers can produce a landsc

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    Invasive Plants

    Invasive—in other words, non-native—plants cover a wide range of uses, as well as presenting a number of problems depending on their growth characteristics. We tend not to think of our own grass as invasive, but many professional lands

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    Hillside / Sloped Landscaping

    Landscaping through or near slopes means that homeowners have to deal with a concept called the angle of repose. The angle of repose is the maximum angle at which a granular material (in this case, soil) will remain at rest relative to the earth s

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    Hedges / Living Walls

    Stone, wood, and metal are all fantastic options for fences and walls. Depending on the varieties used, however, they can also be rather expensive. Transporting stone from faraway quarries is not cheap, and specialized labor may be required to bui

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    Garden Ornaments

    “Garden ornament” is somewhat of a catch-all phrase in modern landscaping. Simply put, it refers to anything that can be used to enhance the appearance of a garden or landscaping design. This includes purely decorative items like holid

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    Fruit Trees

    Prior to planting fruit trees as a part of the local landscaping design, there are a few questions homeowners need to ask themselves. First, what is the main purpose of these fruit trees going to be? Fruit trees chosen for the length or beauty of

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    Water Features

    Water is the jack-of-all trades in modern landscaping. A small koi pond may serve as an excellent spot for relaxation and meditation, while a huge fountain can be the centerpiece that captures the attention of a whole neighborhood. Water adds moti

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    Formal Gardens

    Formal gardens often feature geometric designs of varying complexity, from simple circles and grids to labyrinthine patterns. Most formal gardens also typically try to create a perception of order. This is in direct contrast to organic landscaping

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    Flowering Trees

    Species of flowering trees are so numerous and diverse that it is best for interested landscapers to do a reasonable amount of planning prior to the initial planting. Consider spatial requirements: how large will the tree be when it matures? What

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    Botanically speaking, evergreens are plants that retain their leaves throughout all four seasons. Evergreens have a vast number of applications in modern landscaping, as DIY landscapers are frequently in need of color and natural windbreaks during

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    Entryway Landscaping

    In modern landscaping, there are a few focal points which naturally attract attention. Entryways, whether they are to the entrances to the driveway, garden, or home itself, are critical transition pieces on a piece of property. From a design stand

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    Driveway Landscaping

    Homeowners tend toward viewing driveways as utilitarian structures because of their regular automobile and foot traffic. They need to be durable and well-built to withstand the stresses of traffic and the elements. From a landscaping perspective,

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