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Swings and Benches


Landscape ornamentation takes many different forms, from birdbaths that attract local wildlife to beautiful fruit trees in full bloom. DIY landscapers, though they work very hard to make their property a great place to relax, frequently overlook including places to do so. During the planning and planting stages, homeowners who intend to participate in their landscape should include pathways and / or seating in their dimensional sketches. There are a tremendous number of options here: chairs, swings, benches, tables, and more. Construction materials vary by climate, budgetary concerns, local aesthetics, and durability.

There are several porch and garden swings available from commercial manufacturers. Common construction materials include weather-resistant hardwoods like cedar, which is also pleasantly fragrant while new wood surface is exposed. Homeowners should be aware that many wooden garden ornaments will form a gray patina as they are exposed to the elements. If wooden garden ornaments are desired to remain in keeping with a natural aesthetic, DIY landscapers may protect their wooden swings with a variety of stains and sealants. On the other hand, wooden swings left exposed will soon take on an antiqued appearance. These swings can then be coupled with garden ladders, tables, or wooden chairs.

For those who are not interested in traditional wooden swings, there are several other options. Wrought iron and other metals, such as steel, are frequently used for the longevity they provide. This is also true for garden benches. These are structures that are not only left out in the elements, but also need to be able to safely support a fair bit of weight. Metal benches and swings will offer greater durability, but often at the price of weight, mobility, and overall expense. Also, DIY landscapers interested in wooden swings or benches will be able to find dozens of complete kits and blueprints available online for building their own, whereas metal benches and swings usually require a higher degree of pre-fabrication.

Professional landscaping firms often provide information on local contractors and carpenters, and some may even have them on staff for managing customer inquiries. Homeowners interested in incorporating swings or benches into their landscape design are advised to contact local landscaping companies to get an approximation of the services they offer. Local plant nurseries and garden centers will also likely have contacts for construction services. If homeowners are interested in alternative construction materials and methods for their benches and swings, these larger firms may also be able to provide information on how to obtain a supplier.


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